Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To Pinterest or Not to Pinterest.... That is the Question.

So here’s a breakdown on using Pinterest…

1. What is Pinterest? Click here to learn more from the site.

2. Request an invitation here. Or if you know someone already on Pinterest, ask them to send you an invitation (you can ask me, too!). That way, you can get started immediately. But if you dont know anyone it only takes a day or two to get your invitation through the Pinterest team.

3. Sign up. You can sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account or create a new login/password.

4. Find some friends to follow. There are several ways to find friends who are already “pinning”. Just run the friend finder processes and it will search your Twitter, Facebook, and email accounts.

5. Create your boards. Create however may categories or “boards” to organize the pins that you want to add. They start you off with the standard set but you can add, change, delete, etc.

6. Start pinning! There are three ways to start pinning, basically. First, follow some people you already know and check out their boards. You can repin their pins onto any of your boards. Secondly, you can go to “Staff Favorites” under your Boards menu and search there. Also, try browsing the “Everything” category on the main page. You’re bound to get lost in pinning awesomeness.

7. Keep the pins coming. Once you are comfy with your boards and pinning, you can start adding new pins. The next time you come across a recipe or tutorial with great images, use the Pin It bookmarklet (that you will be able to add at sign in) on your browser to create the pin. Keep in mind it will only allow you to pin a page with a decent size image, to keep with the whole nature of the site. You can always upload your own image of things you find offline.

There’s also a very handy iPhone app.

Are you on Pinterest? Speak up! And if you want to follow my boards, I’m here!


This info is from The Pixel Boutique .

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