Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Leaves In My Yard

Do you ever walk outside and see the leaves on the ground. Sometimes I wonder where they came from. After yesterday's storms passed through we have tons of leaves in our yard but the leaves are not from trees that are around our yard or even on our street. I look at the leaves and  wonder how far they are from their tree, how long it took them to get there and how long they are going to stay.  Then it makes me think of people. When I meet new people or just see random people throughout my day. I wonder where they from, how far they are from home, did they make it there from their own decision or the choice of someone else? How long will our paths stay crossed? I just wonder what their "story" is. Because everyone has a story. They are all different like the different types of leaves.  Take time to look around, who has God allowed in your life that you are supposed to pour God's love into them, through you? Because just like a single leaf, one gust of wind and they are gone....🍂🍁🍃