Monday, September 3, 2012

Matthew's First Day of Kindergarten

Well the day finally came and stomped all over my little heart. Matthew started school and I lost my little buddy. I haven't cried yet but I know it will probably happen soon. Most likely when I am by myself and I call to him and I get no answer. Then it will hit me and the flood gates of tears will open.

When Matthew came along Shane and I knew I would become a stay at home mom. Little did I know that over the next five years he (Matthew) would become my best friend (other than my hubby). I am going from being with him 24/7 to now he is gone.

It is now time to let go(just a little) and allow them to make decisions on their on and hope they listened to you some where along the way. Easier said than done. It makes me think of a story in the Bible about a Hannah and her son Samuel. 1 Samuel