Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mary's Number One

For Mary's birthday I made a board in Pinterest. One of the things I wanted to make was the #1 covered in pictures from her first year.
Well I finally did it.... And it turned out GREAT!!! It was really special to see how much she has grown and some of the special memories she has made. It was super easy!
All you need is:
-Thick poster board(cut into any number you like)
-Pictures (I printed mine off in black and white on regular copy paper to save money.)
-Mod Podge (Got it at Wal-mart. I purchased the smallest bottle available, you do not not need that much.)
-Glue stick(Optional, you can also just use the Mod Podge to glue your pictures down first.)
-Piece of ribbon (to hang it up)
Arrange the pictures on the number like you want and then paint with several layers on Mod Podge(go by the directions on label). Then allow it to dry and add a ribbon to hang it up. Super easy!!!
I now have it hanging on her bedroom door. It's too cute!

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