Thursday, February 3, 2011

That's it! I can't take it anymore!

I am sooooo ready for spring! I am so tired of this weather. It is freezing! I am tired of telling Matthew, "No we can't go ride the bike you got for Christmas because it's too cold outside."  So I let him ride in the house.

Saturday was just a slap in the face..... it was 60+ degrees and beautiful. We went and walked on the beach, we rode our bikes in our neighborhood and just enjoyed the beautiful day. The next morning.... cold again.

On top of that, I live in the south, we should not be having weather like this! Yesterday light snow was reported falling in Mobile, Al which is only 45 minutes from my house. WHAT? 

What about global warming? I just don't understand.

So from now on, if you see me wearing flip-flops and short sleeved shirts, think nothing of it... I'm just trying to get spring to get the hint...."It's time"! 

OK I think I feel a little better now....o what I'm still cold!

Warm Wishes,

P.S. Here are some pictures from Saturday.


  1. Dear Sister, I am right there with you. I heard maybe snow :/ next week! I'm over it. On top of that it has been sooooo gloomy. Yuck! At least we are not burried under 10 feet of snow.

  2. Super cute pictures! He is a little doll :)