Sunday, January 9, 2011

Storytime with Matthew- "Will, God's Mighty Warrior"

Storytime with Matthew is when he shares some of his favorite books. All books listed in this section, are read before bed and have Matthew's approval. Only books that he gives two thumbs up will be shared. He has high standards.... so you can be assured these books are really good....(For a four year old of course).

Will, God's Mighty Warrior #2 : The Mystery of Magillicuddy's Gold
By: Sheila Walsh
Illistrated by: Meredith Johnson

Summery: Will and his first-mate Josh are pirates, sailing the rough seas in Will's backyard when Will shares his secret. He has half of a treasure map leading to Magillicuddy's gold. He had found it stuck between two pirate books he'd bought at the bookstore. The young pirates' quest for the missing half of the map leads them back to the bookstore which just happens to be named Magillicuddy's Treasure House of Books. Convinced more than ever that the owner is a pirate, Will and Josh are determined to continue their search for the missing half of the map. It's an exciting adventure as our buccaneers learn that some things-even ancient treasure maps-are not always what they seem. And in an unexpected twist, they discover that some treasures are far, far more valuable than gold and silver.

Matthew loves this book! We have to read it over and over again. He loves the main character, Will, and his dog, Ralph. The pictures throughout this book are beautiful and adventurous at the same time. As well as has a great ending to this adventure as pirates. Matthew gave this book two thumbs up and made me put up my thumbs too, for a total of four thumbs up!

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  1. Matthew-approved book reviews! LOVE it! :)))

    Hot books in our house right now are the Llama Llama books. We have three (Red Pajama, Mad at Mama and Misses Mama) and we read two of them every night. Gavin calls them "Malla books" LOL!