Sunday, January 9, 2011

Matthew's New Bike

I know this is a little late but this is the first chance I have gotten to really blog since before Christmas. The last month and a half have been defined only as a blur to our family this year. I vow that next year can not and will not be as hectic as it was this year.

On a brighter note, I wanted to share a few pictures of Matthew riding his new bicycle he received for Christmas. You would of thought he had a motorcycle, lol! He was so fun to watch. And with in ten minutes we learned to value of a good helmet.

Matthew riding his new bike through the house
Christmas morning. (It was raining outside)

I love my little man!

And just to brag on Shane too, these pictures are taken with the new
 camera he got me for Christmas. Good job Shane! I love my big man too!

1 comment:

  1. Yay, Matt! Love your new big boy bike! Have fun!

    I didn't know you got a camera too! We will have fun playing photographer on our next visit! :)