Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Matthew's Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Today, Matthew got the "big idea" that he want to make orange juice. (I think he saw it on Oso this week).
So when he told me, I said sure why not. Besides I had a whole bag of oranges I had gotten on sale at Publix last week and I needed to use them. The only bad thing was that I don't even own a juicer. So after we left the library, we had a mission to find a juicer. I started at our local Good Will then a thrift store and came out empty handed. Off to Old Time Pottery, there we found a juicer for only $1.48. I was excited!

What fun!!......Matthew found out that it wasn't as easy as when Oso did it...haha     But he (we) had a great messy time. At one point he stopped and said "Momma it spitted on me".
He was so proud of himself!


This last picture was after he tasted the orange juice...lol!

We had a great day!!!! I thank God for all the special times I get to spend with this sweet little man.


  1. That is so awesome and sweet! You are wonder-mom! :)

  2. So cute! Give him hugs from me! It reminds me of the first time Connor made chocolate milk...well, without the "yuck, it doesn't taste very good" face at the end. :) Keep blogging girl! Love you!