Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baking for Bonnie

This morning I got up, checked on my son, fixed a cup of coffee then proceeded in my time with the Lord. Soon after I began to make my way to the kitchen to start some baking. I want to go ahead and say the reason I am baking is not because I'm good at it or even that what I'm baking will even turn out to what it's supposed to be. But I am baking for a Bake Sale to help Bonnie today.

Have you ever met someone who changes your life in just a small amount of time? People who seem to change the world with such small actions as helping others or just praising our Lord with all they have.  Or maybe those who, you know for a fact, that God has placed them on the earth to turn hearts to Him? This describes Bonnie Clair Tucker completely. Bonnie is so special to our family. When God was impressing on our hearts it was time to move on to a new ministry, He used Bonnie to touch our hearts to confirm that we we're in His Will.  God has used her and other children to continually prove to us that we are right where we need to be.

To learn more about Bonnie and the special life God has blessed us with, go to this site: Support and Prayer for Bonnie Clair .

Go to for further details.

Please join me in prayer for this very special child of God!

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